Over 1,700 fines are issued by Dubai Police for unsafe vehicle operation

In an effort to have an accident-free summer, police give advice on how to avoid vehicle fires.

In the first half of 2022, the Dubai Police fined 1,704 drivers for operating unserviceable automobiles. In the same time frame, the police also recorded 2,166 infractions involving defective tires and 2,215 instances of drivers operating cars that did not adhere to safety regulations.

This occurred as the police issued a warning, advising drivers to maintain their cars properly and fix any damaged parts, particularly during the summer when temperatures soar.

“Making sure that automobiles are properly maintained at reputable organizations and body shops is crucial. Two of the most significant causes of breakdowns and vehicle fires are neglecting routine maintenance and turning to unreliable repair facilities “The General Directorate of Traffic’s interim director, Colonel Jumaa Salem bin Suwaidan, said.

The policeman advised drivers to regularly inspect their cars and follow all traffic rules and regulations.

“The number of vehicle fires increases dramatically in the summer, which causes both material and human losses. This is prevented by performing routine maintenance on vehicles and changing out worn-out components with new ones, especially those connected to the engine and electrical wiring, “Added Col. Bin Suwaidan.

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