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Ritaj Restaurant Abu Dhabi

Are you craving spicy and flavored biryani? And has no idea where to get authentic biryani from restaurants in Abu Dhabi?? Don’t worry! We got you covered. Ritaj restaurant is the only biryani palace that serves the best Hyderabad biryani.

The Ritaj restaurant Abu Dhabi has a splendid ambiance with spacious seating arrangements for the customers. They serve hygienic food to ensure the safety and health of their customers. The restaurant is located on Electra Street beside Alam Super Market in Abu Dhabi just 1.1 miles from the Emirates Palace. You might be interested in Woks Den Restaurant.

Authentic Hyderabadi Cuisine From A Family-owned Restaurant

Ritaj Restaurant is a business owned by a family from India living their life in Dubai. They are rooted in Hyderabad and know very well how to make the best authentic Hyderabadi biryani. They have years of experience in Indian Hyderabadi cuisine. They use fresh, and aromatic spices in their food which enhances the flavor and taste of the meal.

The popular dishes from the menu are Special Mutton Biryani, Authentic Hyderabadi Biryani, Basmati Rice, Haleem, and Mutton Curry.

The Ritaj restaurant Abu Dhabi has friendly and courteous staff. They sweetly answer all your queries regarding the menu and help you in choosing your dishes. The restaurant offers a pocket-friendly meal with a warm ambiance, quick service, and friendly staff.

Ritaj Restaurant Dubai & Abu Dhabi Location:-

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Ritaj Restaurant Menu for Abu Dhabi & Dubai:-

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