With this new Airbnb filter, you can stay in some of Europe’s oldest structures

The “historical dwellings” category lets you view a ton of culturally significant rental properties, including castles, abbeys, and townhouses.

To wake up in a place that is truly historic, such as an old castle, a medieval monastery, or a manor house, is an unforgettable delight. And it’s now really simple to find interesting locations to stay thanks to Airbnb’s significant revamp.

You can look through Airbnbs with extensive cultural histories at your convenience thanks to a new search category dubbed “historical homes.” You name it: castles, abbeys, manors—basically everything ancient and magnificent—is at your disposal. In total, 20,000 homes from five different European nations—France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK—are classified under this category.

The United Kingdom’s Stratford-upon-Avon, Spain’s Guadalajara, Germany’s Niederbayern, and Italy’s Etruscan Coast are among the popular travel locations right now. And now for some of the most amazing rentals, including…

  • A former abbey in Scotland close to Loch Ness
  • This stunning lakeside residence in Italy
  • Beautiful Spanish farmhouse
  • Also, a stunning village church in Germany

You can browse listings here if you’d want to reserve your own historic Airbnb stay.

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