Dubai Restaurant in Ramadan: Covers No More! Today in Dubai

It is previously observed and strictly followed during Ramadan in Dubai that all restaurants and eateries are required to cover all their areas in line of fasting hours not until last year’s government mandates allowing Food and Beverage’s venue to open in public during this time.This move believes to be helpful in boosting tourism. Anyone other than Muslims can have to enjoy their favorite lunch and snack without worrying having noticed eating while in common area. Food can also be served even daytime and restaurants require no more permits to do so here in Dubai.

However, rules may vary from different emirates such as Sharjah wherein they have announced guidelines to the restaurants and cafeterias on the timings how food can be sold during daytime. In addition, some requires permit in order to sell food in the morning. Check out more only at our site Today In Dubai.

Although little by littlewe can see how Dubai changes policies for certain traditions such as this, may it not be a reason for us not to be mindful with our actions and that the true spirit of Ramadan still be in every one of us following old tradition or not.

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