Koreana Restaurant Dubai & Abu Dhabi Menu and Location

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Have you been craving Korean food and are unsure where to go for the best and most authentic food? Here you go! KOREANA is an exquisite Korean restaurant in Dubai that serves mouth-watering Korean cuisine. The restaurant is located in Barsha Palace Al Na’ayat in the street of Al Barsha near Al Zahra Hospital.

The KOREANA restaurant Dubai has expert chefs who believe in serving hygienic and healthy food to their customers. They have years of experience in cooking scrumptious Korean cuisines in Dubai. Moreover, the restaurant has a warm and friendly ambiance so you can enjoy it with your friends and family. You might be interested in The Coffee Mug, Korean Fusion Restaurant.

A healthy and flavorful meal with a great ambiance makes a perfect combo.

Delicious and Finger-Licking Korean cuisine

KOREANA is the most popular restaurant in Dubai that serves the best Korean Hotpot. It is known as Hotpot paradise. It is prepared with fresh and flavorful spices by the expert chefs of the restaurant, making it more aromatic and tasty.

The restaurant has many authentic Korean dishes on its menu other than hotpot. It includes grilled dishes, a variety of Korean noodles, Korean pancakes, and rice. Furthermore, they have unlimited options in drinks and juices for your refreshment.

The trained staff of the restaurant never compromise on the quality of services.

Koreana Restaurant Location:-

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Koreana Restaurant Dubai Menu:-

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