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Calling all sports enthusiasts as Dubai Sports World, located at World Trade Center Zabeel Hall 3, 4, 5, and 6, is now open and geared up with a bigger space this season from April 1 to September 21, 2022.

Dubai World Trade organizes Dubai Sports World, and it opens every year, mostly during summer. This place opens and invites everyone to be actively utilizing sports. Whether you are an energetic person or just enjoying watching thrilling games, this place is for you!

Stay healthy and active by playing your favorite sports. Zabeel Hall houses courts for every sport such as Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Cricket, Tennis, Table tennis, Badminton, and Padel. Any group category will surely enjoy the indoor venue full of action sports, whether a big tournament, league arranged by companies, any organization or schools, a friendly match, or just bonding with your family. Check out more only at our site Today In Dubai.

To access Dubai Sports World, one must register online before checking in and arriving at the venue. It can also be done smoothly by using Dubai Sports World App, readily available for download.

Enjoy the game and secure a slot by booking online. Here’s a glimpse of the fees for some of my all-time preferred sports:


  • AED 450.00 per hour (peak hours)
  • AED 330.00 per hour (non-peak hours)


  • AED 160.00 per hour (peak hours)
  • AED 110.00 per hour (non-peak hours)
  • AED 180.00 per hour (on weekends, Sat & Sun)


  • AED 150.00 per hour (peak hours)
  • AED 100.00 per hour (non-peak hours)


  • AED 60.00 per hour (peak hours)
  • AED 40.00 per hour (non-peak hours)

Table Tennis

  • AED 20.00 per hour (peak and non-peak hours)


  • AED 160.00 per hour (peak hours)
  • AED 110.00 per hour (non-peak hours)
  • AED 180.00 per hour (Weekends, Sat & Sun)


  • AED 180.00 per hour (peak hours)
  • AED 150.00 per hour (non-peak hours)

It is highly suggested to book in advance as prices may change. Operation hours will be from 8:00 AM until 1:00 AM.

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