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Dubai is one of the most famous tourist places around the world. The variety of cuisines you taste in Dubai has no comparison. Thalassery restaurant is an internationally famous restaurant inspired by the culture of Malabar cuisine.

Their food is super delicious as compared to other restaurants in Dubai. The restaurant has many branches near famous tourists spot in Dubai. If you are in Dubai, just google Thalassery restaurant near me. Contact that branch of the restaurant near you and reserve your table for nice dining. You might be interested in FamilyMart.

Malabar Cuisines Experience with Magnificent Ambience

The Thalassery restaurant has a spacious and decent seating arrangement where you can have a great time with your friend and family. The friendly waiters and warm ambiance of the restaurant make it a must-go place.

Their special menu includes a variety of dishes such as Tomato Cheese Pasta, Grilled Meat Steak, Meatballs with Tomato, and Spaghetti Meatballs.

The owner of the restaurant claims that their restaurant is the only restaurant in Dubai that serves authentic Malabar cuisine to its customers. Their chefs have years of experience in making delicious Malabar dishes. The scrumptious and finger-licking food makes you come over again for an outstanding experience.

Thalassery Locations:-

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Thalassery Menu:-

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