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You can enjoy the Little Lamb Happy Farm Hotpot & BBQ Buffet at Little Lamb Restaurant in Dubai, which serves authentic Chinese, Korean, and Japanese food. The restaurant has 10 different branches in UAE. All of them have an expert culinary chef from China with real Chinese flavor in their hands.

This restaurant in Dubai has a fabulous ambiance that you can enjoy with your friend and family.

The owner of the restaurant has farms in China as they believe in using farm-fresh ingredients to serve original Chinese food. Additionally, it is the only restaurant in Dubai that combines traditional Chinese methods with new technology to prepare authentic cuisine. You might be interested in The Korean Restaurant.

Remarkable Dining Experience 

At Little Lamb restaurant there are other unique and unlimited options on its menu to satisfy the taste buds of everyone. The restaurant offers Chinese hotpot, Korean cuisines, Japanese cuisines, Local snacks, a BBQ buffet, variety of noodles and seafood.

The Chinese hotpot cooks with unique cooking techniques of Mongolian and Chinese culture to make the hotpot flavorful. You can customize your hotpot by ordering ingredients according to your liking.

The Buffet option includes unlimited options starting from the appetizer, main course, and desserts. This place is also known as the best Korean restaurant in Dubai for its flavorful Korean BBQ and dumplings.

Little Lamb Restaurant Location:-

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Little Lamb Restaurant Dubai Menu:-

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