Applications for Costa Rica’s new digital nomad visa are currently being accepted

Following the completion of the plan’s details, this is how you may move to a Caribbean paradise

Are you sick of going to work in the same old city, in the same old stuffy office, with the same old stuffy people? Here’s your chance to blow everything away. Everyone is visiting Costa Rica right now, and now that the specifics of the nation’s much awaited digital nomad visa program have been made public, a vacation to one of the Caribbean region’s most naturally beautiful nations may finally be in the cards.

It has taken a while for Costa Rica to implement its digital nomad visa program. The plan’s exact specifics were eventually made public earlier this month after being initially passed into law by the nation’s president Carlos Alvarado in August 2021.

These guidelines apply: To begin with, you must currently work for a foreign (i.e., non-Costa Rican) corporation and, obviously, be able to perform your duties remotely. Then, you must be making a minimum of $3,000 (£2,500) per month, which rises to a minimum of $5,000 (£4,200) if you wish to bring your family.

If you satisfy those requirements, you will be qualified to stay and work in Costa Rica for a full year, with the option of an additional year. You won’t have to pay any income taxes or import duties at that time if you buy things for your job. Oh, and you may bring in up to two automobiles.

Costa Rica is a top destination for a trip where one works remotely for a variety of reasons, not only the visa requirements. The nation as a whole certainly seems prepared to receive a sizable inflow of digital nomads, with everything from hotels offering networking events and shared workplaces to entire residential communities created for remote workers.

Do you want to temporarily relocate to Costa Rica? Here is where you can begin the visa registration procedure.

And if jaw-droppingly gorgeous jungles and beaches don’t warm you up, here are some other nations with digital nomad visa programs for remote workers.

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