On October 3, the new UAE Visa program will begin

Are you confused about the procedure for obtaining a visa for the United Arab Emirates?

Here’s what you need to know

On Monday, October 3, a new UAE Entrance and Residence Scheme with ten different entry visa categories will go into force. For individuals travelling to the United Arab Emirates, the program promises more alternatives and flexibility with a single, streamlined application process.

Although the UAE’s new visa policy was first announced in April, the government has now confirmed that it will take effect on Monday, October 3.

The “advanced services system” has been made available for testing by The Federal Authority for Identity Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security in advance.

Along with a new edition of the UAE passport, this also contains the extended tourist visas, resident visas, and modifications to the golden visa program that we described here (coming into full effect on October 3).

What is important to know about the new visa program in the UAE?

A new five-year Green residency visa is available.

The new UAE visa program was designed to draw talented workers, business owners, investors, and independent contractors. For individuals unable to petition for residency through the conventional employer or sponsor method, the five-year Green Residence visa is an intriguing new alternative.

It will depend on pay and qualifications to qualify, but established independent contractors and small company owners are likely to find this to be an enticing visa category.

For five years, those with Green Residency can extend their privileges to family members, and they can continue to live in their current location for another six months after their visa has been cancelled or has expired.

Process for obtaining a UAE Golden Visa has changed.

The ten-year renewable residence visa for the UAE, which is granted (via an application procedure) to long-term residents who are “highly competent or gifted,” has been updated to accommodate more positions, talents, and other forms of certification. You may qualify if you are a property or company owner, a lawyer or educator.

For the first time, students may now apply under more expansive criteria.

New humanitarian crisis visas are available.

The UAE government has promised to grant residency permits to anyone going through “humanitarian crises.” The visas would be granted to spouses of GCC nationals as well as widowed mothers, parents, or children of UAE residents, according to Tweets from the UAE Media Office.

There are new tourist entrance visa categories.

Entry visas will now have a two-month validity period and fall into one of three categories:

All travelers require a 60-day entrance visa

60-day visa for those seeking to investigate employment options in the UAE

60-day visa to investigate potential business ventures

The general public will be allowed to use these new UAE visa amendments starting on Saturday, October 3, during their testing phase.

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