Best Gaming Mice In The Market 2022

We have analyzed dozens of gaming mice, and these are the five best gaming mic models of 2022, all of them from brands such as Razer, Pulsar, or Logitech. So the next time you play with your computer, you can only blame the internet or the keyboard because after reading our top, you will have one of the best mice on the market.

If there is something characteristic of gamers, we always want the best, but sometimes, we are offered too many possibilities, and we don’t know what to choose; doubts come to us. To shed some light on which gaming mice are worth at least taking a look at, we have conducted a study and selected some of the best current gaming mice. 

How are gaming mice different?

The market for gaming mice is extensive and has changed a lot in recent years, making it increasingly difficult to choose the right mouse. Check out all the news of Google Pixel 7. The main thing when looking for a mouse is to find one that suits the size of your hand and is suitable for the grip you are used to.

This is all very well, but what is a gaming mouse? Unlike conventional models, gaming mice are ideal for playing video games and being visually more attractive. They offer features that a regular mouse doesn’t have, whether it’s the ability to customize macros or adapt and change parameters to suit the user’s tastes.

The goal is to offer greater sensitivity, comfort, and precision when playing. Some of the advantages offered by the best gaming mice are :

  • Attractive and ergonomic designs. Any gamer mouse worth its salt offers much greater comfort than an ordinary office mouse. Its design is designed so that your hand rests on the entire surface of the mouse. This way, you will not notice any discomfort regarding the mouse for many hours you use it in a row.
  • Configurable macros or patterns. In general, mice usually have additional buttons that you can customize to your liking and do predetermined tasks each time you press them.
  • Precision. Another important factor about gaming mice is their accuracy. This type of mouse brings the option to modify its DPI (amount of movement necessary for the cursor to move); the higher it is, the more sensitive the mouse will be.

Another of the most outstanding points of the best gaming mice is that they are created from high-quality materials, so their useful life is very long. This makes buying second-hand gaming mice a great idea, reducing their original (much higher) price considerably. 

With this, we will not only help our pocket but, in addition, we will largely avoid waste and technological contamination. And don’t worry about the guarantee, since all our products are exhaustively checked and have a 2-year guarantee.

Best gaming mice 

Now, we have analyzed the characteristics and the value for money of the best gaming mice on the market to bring you the definitive list. And it is that although here you will find the best of the best when it comes to mice, in Cash Converters, you will find these and many other second-hand mice at a good price.

Razer Basilisk V3

We start the list with the third generation of the Razer Basilisk, a mouse that has brought with it a large number of improvements. Being the antagonist of minimalist mice, this mouse brings 11 programmable buttons, an additional dimension, and a wheel with adjustable resistance.

It should be noted that this mouse is specially designed for right-handed people. Although the idea of ​​a wired mouse may put some people off, Razer has released a spectacular cable, Speedflex. It allows combining great flexibility with special protection. The cable length (approximately 2 meters) and the specialized material to avoid friction with the table or mat maximizes freedom of movement.

Technical characteristics of the Razer Basilisk V3 mouse:

  • Mouse Type: Wired
  • Weight: 101 grams.
  • Special for right-handers.
  • DPI: maximum 26,000.
  • Software: Razer Synapse
  • Sensor: Optical combined with Razer Focus.

If you liked the Razer Basilisk V3, don’t forget to check out our second-hand razer gaming mice catalog to take advantage of the best deals thanks to responsible consumption.

Pulsar XLite V2 Wireless

Imagine a lifelong office mouse. Now, to that same mouse, add many holes on all sides. Indeed, we are talking about the Pulsar Xlite V2.

Sometimes innovation doesn’t come from being more futuristic in design but simply taking something that has always worked and improving it.

Aside from its traditional design, everything about this mouse is cutting-edge. It has a top-of-the-line sensor integrated and a good wireless connection. The design of this mouse has allowed it to be one of the lightest gaming mice currently. Although it may seem that if we press the mouse, it can break our hand due to the number of holes it brings, it is made of high-quality materials and has a robust and comfortable structure.

Technical characteristics of the Pulsar Xlite V2 Wireless mouse:

  • Mouse Type: Wireless
  • Very low latency.
  • Extremely light: 60g.
  • Ergonomics: comfortable for right-handers. Fits most hand sizes and grip types.
  • Made with high-end materials.

Logitech G305 Lightspeed

Similar to the mouse in the previous section, this mouse is also wireless. For people who still don’t trust wireless mice due to the latency they can have, Logitech has removed Bluetooth connectivity and kept the Lightspeed receiver, with a 1000Hz polling rate and its advanced HERO sensor.

This mouse has kept the same design as the G Pro. The upper part of the mouse consists of a magnetic cap that can be removed; in this area, you can see where you have to put the battery.

Technical characteristics of the Logitech G305 Lightspeed mouse:

  • Mouse Type: Wireless
  • Six customizable buttons.
  • HERO sensors.
  • Weight: 99 grams.
  • Battery: You need one AA battery.
  • Bring internal memory.

If you are interested in this mouse, visit the used Logitech mice page and see the great price difference for yourself.

Razer Viper 8KHz

All the mice on the list perform very well and will satisfy just about anyone, but if you’re obsessed with performance and looking for the best, read on. 

It is not a model that connects wirelessly and is not the lightest. However, it offers the best raw performance at a mid-range price. While most mice poll at a maximum frequency of 1,000 Hz, this mouse supports frequencies up to 8,000 Hz. This higher frequency results in slightly smoother cursor movement and slightly improved latency.

Technical characteristics of the Razer Viper 8KHz mouse:

  • Mouse Type: Wired
  • Weight: 71g.
  • Ambidextrous design.
  • DPI: 2000.
  • Polling Rate: 8000Hz
  • Cable: Speedflex 180cm.

Razer NagaPro

If the game you are used to playing requires a lot of buttons, maybe this is one of the best options on the list.

The Razer Naga Pro has a set of three interchangeable side panels, including a full 12-button panel in its design. This mouse also meets a Razer product’s performance and click latency standards.

A drawback of this mouse is its weight because, with 19 total buttons, it has 117 grams. Although the average weight expected of mice designed for MMO video games is expected, it is one of the heaviest on the list.

Technical characteristics of the Razer Naga Pro mouse:

  • Mouse Type: Wired
  • Weight: 112 grams.
  • Polling rate: 1000 Hz.
  • Sensor: Optical Razer Focus + 20,000 DPI.
  • Material: plastic and rubber.

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