Dolphin Active X4 Robotic Pool Cleaner

One of the leading automatic pool cleaner in the industry is Dolphin Active x4. It is usual in our house to use the pool a lot. Since before we had our children, we used the collection whenever we could and on the hottest days almost daily. When we are older, we use it much more because it is our space to disconnect.

Since so many use it, we invest money in pool maintenance because it must be in good condition to take care of our home and ourselves.

Although we have a cleaning service for the pool, mainly on hot days, it is true that sometimes we either forget to call it or for various reasons they cannot come, so we thought it would be an excellent decision to have a pool cleaner to clean it ourselves. Themselves, if needed.

Thus we opted for the Dolphin Active X4, which we really like.

About Active x4 Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner

The best option for this type of purchase is Amazon. If you still need to use it, I suggest you do. It is a very responsive site, and it has been remarkably fulfilled in the opportunities we have used.

It was not otherwise with the cleaner, which came in excellent condition in its box, with different accessories included.

Why buy the Dolphin Active X4 pool cleaner? Pros and cons

It is a very relaxing pool cleaner, and it cleans phenomenally.

We request less and less from the maintenance service because the device works great.

The truth is that he fascinates me, and he does an outstanding job. In the following paragraphs, I have made a list of positive and negative characteristics of the robot so that you can analyze it more closely.

✅ Advantages of the Dolphin Active X4

Living in such a technological age, the simplest thing is that the pool cleaner can be managed using an application. The app allows you to configure the entire cleaning process anywhere in your home, which is very fast and much easier than going to the pool when you have to program something new.

  • You can handle it with your mobile.
  • Good pool length capacity.
  • Full coverage.
  • For all types of pools.
  • Simple to move.
  • Automatic and independent work.
  • Efficient brushing and vacuuming.
  • Cable with a length of 18 meters.
  • Good filter capacity.
  • Works with cable.

Added to all this, it is a complete alternative since, from the application, you can manage all kinds of configurations, such as cleaning schedules and the type of coverage.

Regarding the pool length that the product can navigate, in this case, the cleaner performs excellently in this aspect. This model is 12 meters long, which is ideal if we analyze the size of a large number of swimming pools in Spain.

In our case, this aspect works very well.

The coverage of this device is complete since it can clean not only the pool floor, which is already a lot but also the walls and the waterline. There are huge range are available in Dolphin robotic pool cleaner.

In truth, this is a very positive aspect because it leaves every part of the pool impeccable, even managing to clean it with more professionalism than the cleaning service can cover. Due to this, the task is in-depth, and consequently, the robot is worth it.

Something that seems brutal to me is that the device is used for all kinds of pools, both above-ground and in-ground, and with all sorts of coatings, be they fiberglass, liner, tile, pebble, etc.

This is essential as the use multiplies, and the robot is much more versatile. It is precisely this that allows you to use it in various pools.

The fact that it has a cart is excellent. Cleaners like these are usually cumbersome, so I find it very advantageous to have some transportation assistance.

I, who have back pain and own a cart, seemed an ideal point.

I love that it is automatic since hydraulic robots also work with the pool filter.

The fact that it is automatic means that you can put it to clean larger pools and minimize the cost of water and energy.

The device detects the route to be taken and moves independently to efficiently cover the entire pool without you having to take care of anything.

The brush technology is the secret to the fantastic cleaning services that the robot provides, and they do exceptional cleaning.

It uses three brushes, which carry out a permanent cleaning and removes all kinds of dirt that can be found in the pool, no matter how small it may be.

A considerable length of the robot cable is essential to increase comfort and to be able to clean the entire pool environment. This is an indispensable aspect of analysis.

Its length is 18 meters, so it contains the entire pool space without getting tangled. In addition, it has an anti-knot system that prevents you from getting entangled in your cleaning performance and prevents it from breaking.

Regarding its type of filtering, this specific robot uses interchangeable fine and ultra-fine filters, which collect all dirt regardless of size.

Using these filters, there is no dirt escaping into the robot. When you’re done, it’s impressive to see how much you’ve cleaned and retained. The pool is super immaculate.

The benefit of pool cleaners with a cable connection is that they can work without time restrictions. They don’t require stopping to recharge, as is the case with wireless, so everything is faster.


❌ Disadvantages of the Dolphin Active X4

Although the cleaning cycle time is short, to my regret, it is three hours in which the pool cannot be used and, if we compare it with a maintenance service, the process takes more time.

It shouldn’t be fundamental because if you check the times well and put it to work when you know you won’t be using the pool, the problem is practically solved. But, it has happened to me from wanting to get into the pool, looking at the dirt, and not wanting to bathe or postpone it because we lacked the courage to do it until the robot finished.

  • Cleaning cycle with a little longer duration.
  • Not the cheapest model.

It is not one of the most affordable items. Perhaps it may be excessive for those who do not use the pool or have a relatively small one which is cleaned. We find it very useful, and we use it all the time.

It is a quality Dolphin active x4 pool cleaner that, although it is worth it, it will be up to each one if the price is appropriate or not, or if it is necessary to buy it because it must be considered that it is a significant amount that must be paid when purchasing the pool cleaner.

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