Dubai remote working visa: A comprehensive guide

Dubai’s program for remote employment explained

Dreaming of working in Dubai’s warm climate yet content with your present position?

However, according to the Dubai Virtual Work Programme, which was launched in October 2020, you can keep your employment and migrate to the UAE.

A remote working visa can be obtained as part of the program, enabling you to work in the city and take advantage of everything it has to offer.

Consider weekend brunches, outings to big malls, trips to beach clubs, and access to some incredible sights. Why not adore it?

You don’t need to worry because Time Out has a helpful guide on how to get a remote working visa

Those who wish to work from the UAE for their current employer from outside the UAE may do so with the help of a Dubai remote working visa, which is a component of the virtual working program. A remote working visa can be requested by either a firm owner or an employee, but the requirements are different. Check out In 2022, when is the following UAE public holiday?

You must submit an application through the Visit Dubai Visa website if you desire a remote working visa for Dubai.

You require a passport that is valid for at least six months in order to apply for a remote working visa in Dubai, as well as current health insurance.

If you are an employee, you must show proof of employment, including a one-year contract from your present job, proof of income of at least USD $5,000 per month, a pay stub for the previous month, and bank statements for the three months prior.

Owners of businesses must provide evidence that they have owned the business for a year or more, as well as three months’ worth of bank statements and an average monthly income of USD $5,000.a year.

Following this, you can reapply for a second year; renewal fees apply.

The government charges approximately Dhs 2300 for remote working visas. Application fees, processing fees, medical expenses, and Emirates ID are included in this. There will be additional costs for sponsoring wives and children, and the fee does not cover the cost of health insurance. It’s important to remember that paying the fees won’t ensure that your application will be accepted.

You can apply for dependents once you have successfully received a remote working visa.

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