Iftar and Suhoor described for Non-Muslims by Today In Dubai

As this year’s season of Ramadan officially started on 2nd April, 2022, everyone in the UAE and around the worldare observing a shorter working hour to give way of our fellow Muslim’s holy month devoted for fasting and prayers. When we heard of Ramadan, it is always accompanied with what so called “Iftar and Suhoor” and what does it means to our non-Muslim fellowmen?

It is always known that whenever this holy month of Ramadan comes, people tend to abstain from worldly things and unkind behaviors and thoughts. One of the most common and noticeable practicesduring this period is to refrain from eating for a certain period in a day.

To better understands what is Suhoor and Iftar means, let’s go further. The fasting is started from taking a meal in the morning usually before the sun rises or pre-dawn. The food should be healthy enough to keep someone’s energy up throughout the day of fasting as there will be no food or drink to be intake until the time to break the fast. While Suhoor is the meal taken before dawn, Iftar is the meal served when the sun downs. It means that the day’s fast is over and it is time to celebrate meals with family and friends. Check out more only at our site Today In Dubai.

For non-Muslims, especially those who are new in Dubai will truly admire how our fellow’s consecration on Ramadan is attained. This place observed fasting almost by everyone – at the workplace and in any niche having the same religion or not. Suhoor and Iftar is way far just a meal but plays an important part of devotion that will truly help and keep someone’s faith and intentions. There is nothing such as good food that fill our stomach but it is a belief and tradition that will make our soul plentiful.

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