E-bikes are introduced at Dubai Festival City | Today In Dubai

The local e-bike fleet will be run by Tier Mobility

For anyone who lives or works near Dubai Festival City, this is good news.

In an effort to minimize the usage of single-use shopping bags, Dubai has implemented a number of sustainable and environmentally friendly initiatives, including a 25 fil levy for plastic bags and a number of affordable alternatives to private transportation.

The introduction of electric Tesla Model 3 vehicles to the taxi service and the city’s trial use of electric buses were also announced last week by the RTA. Know more about Housing allowances of Dh1.5 billion to residents of Abu Dhabi.

The introduction of a fleet of electric-assisted bikes to Dubai Festival City was announced today by Tier Mobility.

Three venues in Dubai Festival City will host the bikes: Festival Tower, Marsa Plaza, and Dubai Festival City Mall.

Similar to other suppliers, all anyone needs to do to utilize the e-bikes is download the Tier App and choose their desired rental. Users have the option of using a pay-as-you-go, hop-on, hop-off system or choosing a subscription with a longer duration.

Rent begins at just Dhs 1.

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