What Types of Coffee Makers Are There? Learn About The Different Types

There is nothing better than the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. Or accompany a good desktop with a good coffee and company, right? And it is that coffee is, without a doubt, one of the most popular drinks consumed by the entire population, so much so that it is widespread to have a machine at home to prepare it. But have you ever stopped to think about how many types of coffee makers can exist on the market?

Indeed over time, you have learned to enjoy coffee. You have discovered the varieties of grains and the many ways of making them. Today we teach you to identify the different coffee machines that live in this exciting world, full of flavor, nuances, and aromas because it is not the same to drink a cappuccino as an American coffee or an espresso coffee.

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What are the different types of most popular coffee makers?

If you are passionate about coffee, you are familiar with some types of coffee makers. In recent years, other traditional methods have become popular, and new models have revolutionized the sector, offering a wide range of possibilities to prepare this drink. Would you like us to review the most popular types of coffee makers?

Italian coffee maker, the most traditional type of coffee maker Italian-type coffee maker, also known as the Moka coffee maker, has been the quintessential coffee maker in most Spanish homes for many years. And this is partly due to the simplicity of its operation and its practicality, as well as to produce a full-bodied coffee with a strong flavor, similar to espresso.

It comprises three chambers: a lower one where the water boils, an intermediate one where the ground coffee is placed, and an upper one where the ready-made coffee is stored thanks to the pressure generated.

Advantage Disadvantages
Very cheap.
Easy to use.
Compact and portable size.
Very fast.
A large amount of coffee can be prepared depending on the size of the coffee maker.
It should be cleaned after each use to prevent it from rusting.
Only fine grind coffee can be used.
You have to be aware of the preparation time so that the coffee does not burn and spill.
A more bitter coffee is obtained.

2. Express or espresso coffee maker, the favorite of coffee lovers

Espresso coffee machines are one of the favorites of coffee lovers, who enjoy the process of making a good cup of coffee and the drink itself.

In recent years, they have become prevalent, resulting in a full-bodied coffee with an intense flavor and a very creamy top layer, similar to that obtained with bar-type coffee machines. 

There are different coffee machines: Espresso coffee maker, semi-automatic, automatic, and super-automatic.

Advantage Disadvantages
Full experience.
Intense and creamy coffee.
Once heated, it takes a short time to prepare the cup of coffee.
Some models allow you to make different types of coffee and may include a milk frother.
There are models that grind coffee beans.
More complex use and maintenance.
It needs to preheat.
Depending on the model, only two cups can be prepared at the same time.
Big size.

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3. Drip coffee maker, flavor with nuances

They are also known as the American coffee pot. It offers a very clean coffee with many nuances in its flavor and aroma.

This coffee maker is the one that can prepare the most considerable amount of coffee at the same time since it has a large container where the drink falls drop by drop after passing the water slowly through a filter where the grinding is located.

There are the Chemex coffee machines, which have a manual filter, and the electric drip coffee machines, which are very popular for their easy operation.

Advantage Disadvantages
Very simple operation.
They can brew a large amount of coffee at the same time.
It is not necessary to be aware of the elaboration process.
Keeps coffee hot.
Some models can be programmed so that the drink is ready at a certain time.
The use of filters is necessary.
Longer preparation time.
Constant maintenance.
Less intense coffee.

4. Plunger coffee maker, traditional coffee

This type of coffee maker is also called a French coffee maker and stands out for being one of the oldest methods that are still used to make coffee today.

In addition to being very cheap, it is also straightforward to use. You must mix coarse grind with boiling water, stir, let the mixture sit for a few minutes, and slowly push the plunger down.

Advantage Disadvantages
Very easy to use.
Compact and portable.
Very easy maintenance.
You have to heat the water beforehand.
You have to be aware of the entire production process.
The rest time must be controlled so as not to obtain a very bitter coffee.

5. Manual or arm coffee maker, the bar in your home

These coffee machines are of the bar-type but in a reduced version to adapt to the home’s needs. 

Its operation is more complex since many parameters have to be controlled, and the process of making the coffee is longer than other types of coffee machines. Most of the models found on the market can work with pre-ground coffee and coffee beans.

Advantage Disadvantages
You get a very professional and personalized coffee.
The whole process can be controlled.
Ground coffee or coffee beans can be used.
complex use.
More exhaustive maintenance and cleaning.
Coffee making time.
Only one or two cups can be brewed at a time

drip coffee maker

6. Cold Brew coffee maker and its simple operation

One of the coffee makers that is gaining more and more popularity, thanks to its simple operation and the result obtained, is the Cold Brew, coffee maker.

And it is that, unlike the rest of the coffee machines, the Cold Brew coffee machine is characterized by infusing the coffee cold for an average of about 12 hours, achieving a less acidic drink with a very peculiar flavor.

Advantage Disadvantages
Very simple operation.
More digestive coffee.
Coffee can last up to 2 weeks refrigerated.
The resulting drink can be taken hot or cold.
Very long manufacturing process.
A larger quantity of coffee is necessary to prepare the drink.
Traditional coffee is not obtained.

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7. Siphon coffee maker, a spectacular design

If there is something that stands out about this type of coffee maker, it is its spectacular design, which uses the principle of contraction and expansion of gases to make coffee.

Its operation is not simple and lasts around 10 or 15 minutes, but the result is worth it. Since the coffee does not come into contact at any time with metal, plastic, or filter parts, only with the glass of the coffee maker, a very pure drink is achieved, full of nuances.

Advantage Disadvantages
High quality coffee, free of impurities.
Coffee maker with a very attractive and elegant design.
Coffee for several cups can be prepared at the same time.
Very fragile.
complex use.
Complex maintenance.

8. Capsule coffee machines, the most innovative type of coffee machine

We finish this list of the most popular types of coffee makers with one of the most innovative models that have revolutionized the sector the most in recent years. We are talking about capsule coffee machines for making coffee that has crept into practically all homes and workplaces due to their easy operation and incredible versatility.

In addition to being able to drink almost instantly any coffee with capsule coffee machines, it is also possible to enjoy many other drinks with the same device, such as cocoa drinks, teas, or infusions, hot and cold, among others. Check out more interested articles only at Today In Dubai.

Some of the most popular brands are Dolce Gusto, Nesspreso or Tassimo.

Advantage Disadvantages
Very easy to use.
Original and striking design.
Very fast.
Great variety of drinks.
Simple maintenance.
Variety of prices.
The capsules can be kept for a long time.
Only one cup can be brewed.
More expensive per-cup brewing system.
It generates a lot of waste.
Each model has its own capsule system.

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