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Are you a foodie? Do you want to try Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines in one of the best restaurants in Dubai? If yes, visit Al Meshwar Restaurant. It is a Lebanese restaurant located beside AL Manara, near Al Safa, and 3.9 miles from The Dubai Fountain.

The idea behind this Meshwar restaurant in Dubai is to show the hospitality of Lebenan to the people coming from all over the world to UAE. The restaurant has a friendly atmosphere with Lebanese, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisines.

Ample Options in Menu for You

Al Meshwar Restaurant has an extensive menu with various dishes, including Labhen, Hummus, Moutabal, Muhamra, and Babaganouj. Moreover, they also serve other food items such as Grills, Steaks, Raw meat, various soups, cold appetizers, salads, Arabic & French sweets, and much more. Visit this restaurant in Dubai and explore the food culture of beautiful Lebanon.

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Magnificent Architecture and Skilled Chefs

The Meshwar restaurant Dubai claims to use high-quality products such as fresh vegetables, meat, and other ingredients. Moreover, they have multiple awarded certified Chefs with high culinary experience working in their kitchen.

The magnificent and spacious architecture of the restaurant creates a fantastic atmosphere for the visitors. You can take outstanding pictures in any corner of the restaurant as it has an artistic view.

Delicious Al Meshwar Restaurant Menu:-

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