Dr. Azra’s henna-design sneakers are part of Adidas’ newest UAE partnership

For the Dubai Mall show, three pairs of adidas sneakers have been painted with henna

A limited-edition shoe was unveiled by adidas last month in conjunction with a Pakistani eatery called Ravi, much to the pleasure of Dubai residents.

With the help of Instagram-famous henna artist Dr. Azra, the major sportswear company has once again unveiled a trio of trainers with designs that highlight UAE culture.

Three pairs of white leather shoes with distinctive henna-painted designs by Dr. Azra, who has 154,000 social media followers, are on display at the new adidas Originals store in Dubai Mall. Regrettably, they are not for sale; instead, they are there to be admired.

Middle Eastern culture uses henna, a dark dye produced from the Lawsoniainermis plant, to paint patterns on hands and feet.

It is also used to give hair a warm orange hue, therefore decorating sneakers with it is novel.

Dr. Azra used a cone loaded with the dye to delicately pipe the henna onto the three motifs. She applies henna to her hands and feet using the same tool.

Dr. Azra’s three designs are presently on display in Adidas’ flagship Dubai shop with pieces by the artists Latifa Saeed, Christopher Joshua Benton, and Hessa.

When the sportswear company introduced SUPERSTAR RAVI footwear in June, Dubai went absolutely crazy.

The adilicious campaign works directly with the owners to build a trainer, focusing on the small, local, and close-knit communities formed around neighborhood businesses.

The bespoke lining of Ravi’s version of the adidas Original SUPERSTAR sneaker features a hand-drawn map that represents the river (Ravi) that runs through northeastern Pakistan.

The year Ravi first opened, 1978, is written on the tab on the trainer’s heel. The year and Ravi’s name are written in Arabic on one heel and English on the other.

The Ravi team has added six additional recipes that are printed on the tongue of the sneaker, again with one side in English and the other in Arabic.

We are eagerly awaiting the results of the next partnership.

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