Eid Al Adha: A Lovely Sacrifice and Test of Faith

Second to the biggest two holidays which are celebrated by our Muslim brothers and sister is the Eid Al Adha or the Feast of Sacrifice. It is a celebration to commemorate the faith of Abrahimby following wholeheartedly the command of Allah by sacrificing his own cherished son. This is a test of faith which in turn Allah provided him a lamb instead of killing his own son.

In observance of the feast, there are animals such as sheep, cow, goat or camel that are being offered and ritually slaughtered. The age of animals as well as their health conditions are taken into consideration before it will be sacrificed. The animals should be free from any noticeabledefect and illnesses. And then, the meatis set into parts – 1/3 is eaten by the family while the rest is shared to relatives or friend and given to the poor and deprived people. A beautiful way to served Allah by being considerate to other people. One of the goals for this tradition and to make every fellow Muslims eat meat.

This year’s sacrifice timings will begin after Eid Prayer on 9th of July until Asr Prayer time of the 13th day of Thu Al hijaa which will be on 12th of July in the daytime.

It is a tradition and devotion of knowing Allah will provide, all we need to do is to trust him and be obedient to Him.

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