Front-line heroes’ art installed at Dubai Science Park

A new permanent sculpture honours front-line employees in Dubai. A life-sized art exhibit is honouring front-line workers from all over the world in Dubai. At Dubai Science Park, you can find the enormous sculpture and the artwork.

The Kart Group created the art piece with the intention of honouring those who have made significant contributions to the fields of medicine, security, and social service.

This life-size sculpture honour’s the heroic efforts made by front-line employees to keep the public safe throughout the epidemic period. Everyone can now observe this installation in Dubai Science Park’s Business District.

A police officer, nurse, doctor, volunteer, and cleaning are depicted in an arresting tableau on 17 of the piece’s distinctively curved, multi-layered panels. Only from the straight on perspective, where all layers and cut outs coincide to generate visible silhouettes, can the entire piece be seen in its entirety. Viewers will only see a sizable 90 square meter abstract composition from other angles.

The UAE displayed great levels of resilience with the robust action we witnessed from our leadership to protect everyone, providing a paradigm for the world to emulate, said Marwan Abdul-Aziz Janahi, Managing Director of Dubai Science Park, in response to the revelation. We take great pride in the fact that Dubai Science Park and its patrons were instrumental in the UAE’s and Dubai’s outstanding reaction to the pandemic, which included offering state-of-the-art testing, disinfection services, and vaccination campaigns. We have genuinely created an example for the rest of the world to imitate.

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