The opening dates of Season 5 – Hatta Resorts and Hatta Wadi Hub

We are looking forward to the reopening ofa new season in September

If you’re looking forto bust out after this summer, there is good opportunity for you. In amessagedelivered by Dubai Holdings, Hatta Resorts and Hatta Wadi Hub will be soon opening on Thursday, September 15 for season five after a brief summer break.

There are plentyof eye-catching locations that will attract the visitors when it reopens.

Visitors can crack a brand-new multi-purpose adventure ropes course available for both adults and children to enjoy, which will be supplementary to Hatta Wadi Hub when it willopen for the coming season.

A big range of activities that will beattracting the visitors for season five include archery, ziplines, axe-throwing, four-wheel off-roading on electric scooters, paragliding, horse riding and camel riding.

There will bea plenty of choice for food lovers. With amazing food truck, delicious barbecue grills and other restaurants feasting local cuisine – there is great deal of choice. A picture-perfect day to replenishyour adventure.

Visitors will be experiencing glamping and other comfortable stays in the resort. Hatta has become a major regional destination for tourism, combining hospitality, retail and transportation to offer a varied leisure experience that meets the goals of present and future generations.

It is the best plan to initiate when the weather gets a little chiller. Everyone needs a little bit of adventure in their busy lives.

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