Luxury car rentals have become increasingly popular in Dubai

Learn why tourists choose to drive exotic automobiles in Dubai and how the sector has become one of the emirates’ fastest growing.

Increased demand

Over the past few years, Dubai’s economy has seen a significant transformation. The city, which historically depended heavily on oil and gas, has turned its focus toward commerce and tourism. Many different industries have profited from this transformation. One of the most prominent examples of this is the car leasing and rental business.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi really hold the top rank among the emirates with the most rental fleets, with a combined share of around 80%.

Due to the high cost of taxi fares as well as the high annual expenses of registration and insurance, tourists and business expats who visit the city prefer to use vehicle rentals in Dubai over public transportation like buses and taxis.

Now, anyone may enjoy driving a recreational vehicle without having to buy one. This is made feasible by online car rental markets like, which offers a large selection of vehicles from nearby car rental companies as well as flexible rental terms that range from one day to one month, allowing consumers to decide according to their preferences.

For all these reasons, Dubai is a market leader.

Recreational automobile rentals have become more popular in Dubai as a result of various factors.

The high cost of living, sparse availability of public transit, and oppressive heat and humidity are just a few of the factors that have caused the majority of Dubai’s inhabitants to favour vehicles as a practical form of transportation.

Additionally, the UAE offers cars from most well-known manufacturers at significantly lower prices, which makes it simpler to start a car rental company there.

Major contributing factors have also included expanding commerce and tourism. The freedom of owning a car for the time of their choosing has led to car rentals becoming the top option among Dubai residents planning a trip with family or a weekend getaway with friends.

 The definition of “car rental”

OneClickDrive is a car rental marketplace that, in contrast to other applications and websites, has played a crucial role in seamlessly bringing together customers and car rental firms.

Over one million page views have been reported on the website and mobile app in the past 12 months, increasing traffic exponentially.

This gives vehicle rental firms visibility to the 200,000+ monthly users of, enabling them to obtain high-quality leads and, as a result, generate a sizable return on investment (ROI).

Additionally, OneClickDrive only charges rental vehicle companies a monthly membership fee in accordance with the plan selected; no commission is deducted from any reservations received, ensuring that all profits belong entirely to the business.

Popular brands of recreational cars.

Dubai is a global centre for the automobile industry and is home to some of the most coveted luxury sports cars in the world. This location offers an unmatched range and size of recreational vehicles.

Almost all car categories are available for rental, including sports, SUVs, luxury, exotic, and economy cars.

In Dubai, it’s simple and convenient to rent a luxury sports car like a Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, or Porsche.

OneClickDrive has this Ferrari Tributo F8 advertised for rent for Dh3,600 per day.

Rental rates for leisure vehicles in Dubai

Customers can rent automobiles from car rental firms in Dubai on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The “pay for what you use” business strategy makes sure that clients only pay for the days or weeks the car is rented for.

On OneClickDrive, a top automobile rental website in Dubai, you can rent sports cars like a Dodge Charger Muscle for as little as Dh250 per day or a Lamborghini Urus for Dh3,500 per day.


People’s lifestyles in Dubai are defined by their cars. At the traffic lights, you can hear Porsche, Maserati, McLaren, Jaguar, Ferrari, or Lamborghini snarling or watch some of the top models outside trendy cafes in Downtown Dubai or Jumeirah Beach Residence. The valet area of Dubai malls is another place where you may see these expensive sports vehicles.

Make a reservation right away to enjoy the finest luxury sports vehicle driving experience.

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