Surreal Experience for Divers and Non-divers at Deep Dive Dubai!

Diving is close to the UAE’s heart of culture. At an early age, people used to do pearl diving as one of their sources of income, which helped their economy. The Arabian Gulf is considered the breeding ground for the pearl because of its sea bed full of the oyster. This is perhaps why the country sets another world record-breaking in the United Arab Emirates – the Deep Dive Dubai! It is the deepest pool in the world, measures 60meters in-depth and spans 1,500 sq. meters, and looks like a massive oyster on the outside.

The pool is designed like a sunken city wherein divers can see and experience an underwater city with a view of streets and other sceneries. There are also parts of the swimming pools where the diver can play games etc. All pool corners are supervised by underwater cameras and installed with an underwater sound and lighting system. It is incredible how advanced filtration system technology is used in this vast swimming pool, such as equipment like pumps and filters that make the pool crystal clean and up running, considering that it has a capacity of 14 million liters of water.

This fantastic experience is for everyone. Divers can explore underwater while non-divers can see and interact with the divers through a large window under the water. There are programs or prices for each program if one wants to have a surreal experience under the water, be it diver or non-divers. Deep Dive Dubai has everything it has to offer for both. You might be interested in Games Ticket For NBA Abu Dhabi Sales Announced.

Program Prices for Non-divers:

  • From AED 1800 – Discover Scuba is for first-time and uncertified divers who want to explore the underwater city.
  • AED 1100 – Discover Free Diving is for non-divers looking to learn freediving
  • AED 400 – Discover Snorkeling for non-divers exploring the surface of Deep Dive Dubai on the surface

Program Prices for Certified Divers:

  • AED 1800 – Guided Scuba Dive up to 60 meters is for certified trimix divers
  • AED 1200 – Guided Scuba Dive up to 30 meters is for certified divers looking to explore an underwater city
  • AED 900 – Guided Free-Dive for certified free divers

Price for Facility Tour Only

  • AED 400 – To enjoy the facility tour and see behind the scenes of Deep Dive Dubai. It also included AED 100 credit to any restaurants as part of the admission.

Deep Dive Dubai also offers Scuba Diving courses and Free diving courses. Prices can get directly from their office as the price varies per course that one wants to take.

The facility is located at the center of Dubai in Nad Al Sheba 1. It is easily accessible by turning your google maps app on whether you are coming from the Downtown, north, or south of Dubai. You can reach the place in no time.

From 10 years old, one can experience the wonders of Deep Dive Dubai. Else, anybody with diver certification can dive in. Hurry up and have a one-of-a-k

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