The Mohammed Bin Rashid Aerospace Hub will take part in the 2022

Dubai Helishow in October

Modern technology, aircraft operations, and business trends will be highlighted during the event.

The only worldwide event devoted to the Middle Eastern helicopter and aviation industries, the Dubai Helishow 2022, is about to take place.

The Mohammed bin Rashid Aerospace Hub will participate in and support the Dubai Helishow 2022, the sole international expo for the Middle East’s helicopter and aviation industries, which is scheduled to run from October 24 to 26. (MBRAH). At Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai South, the show exhibits the newest technology, aircraft operations, and trends in the sector and supports vertical aviation industries.

Beginning on October 24 and running through October 26, the Mohammed bin Rashid Aerospace Hub will participate in and support the display (MBRAH).

At Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai South, the event exhibits the most recent innovations, aircraft operations, and industry trends in addition to the support of vertical aviation industries.

The Military & Homeland Security expo and the Air Medical and Rescue exhibition will both take place at the same time as the Dubai Helishow in 2022. The DOMUS Group is hosting the event, which will include attendees from the business world, the government, VIPs, and the helicopter industry.

Many professionals and specialists will attend, and they will share their knowledge and expertise in order to help the helicopter and defense sectors continue to thrive. Industry professionals will speak on significant issues and current events under the direction of the Mohammed bin Rashid Aerospace Hub in order to advance industry stakeholders and form partnerships with multinational and local businesses.

Mohammed bin Rashid Aerospace Hub’s CEO, TahnoonSaif, stated: “We are happy to be participating the Dubai HeliShow 2022 exhibition and conference as it provides an exceptional chance to worldwide demonstrate our projects and skills to promote the aviation sector in Dubai. At MBRAH, we work to realize HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision for Dubai to become the global aviation hub. He serves as Dubai’s ruler, the UAE’s vice president, and the country’s prime minister.

In advance of its ninth edition, the Dubai Helishow has been getting unprecedented support from all governmental and non-governmental organizations. The last edition saw participation from over 5000 persons.

This shows that the helicopter industry has recovered and returned since the epidemic.

The Dubai HeliShow platform is dedicated to advancing the helicopter industry and its related trade in the UAE and the Middle East as a whole, according to MaysoonAbulhoul, Managing Director and Chief Operations Officer of Domus Group. With the UAE placing a priority on cutting-edge, eco-friendly air travel. Industry leaders and stakeholders, including public and private organisations from the local and global helicopter community, will assemble at the next Dubai Helishow to exchange information and expertise in support of the industry’s continuing growth.Helicopters play an increasingly important role in the Middle East, including in defence, search and rescue operations, cargo, commercial transport, fire protection, and medical evacuation and transport.

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The most cutting-edge helicopter and drone technology will be on display at the ninth Dubai Helishow, which will span three days. The expo will cover a variety of subjects, such as the industry’s recovery from the pandemic, drone technology advancements, aviation safety, the function of rotary aircraft in national security, and flying ambulances.

Modern helicopters and air taxis, upcoming VTOL technologies, future maintenance and repair businesses in the region, and, to mention a few, revisions to airport and helipad regulations will also be discussed. The event will also highlight advancements in the drone and unmanned aerial vehicle industries.

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