Wakha Restaurant Dubai, Al Barsha, Al Nahda & Jumeirah Menu and More

Wakha Restaurant: Choose the cuts for your fresh to cooked meat.

Wakha Restaurant introduces Shinwari cuisine and Afghani cuisine to Dubai not long ago and to give an overview of Shinwari cuisine, it is a type of cooking meat usually lambby charcoal grilled wherein the meat is cooked without any spices. They only put salt and cook thelamb from its own fat. In this way, the meat will become more flavorful giving it’s unique and superb taste. While Afghani cuisine brings someone’s food experience into an element of various places as this have influences from its close neighborhood country which they’ve combined and come up to extraordinary Afghani cuisine one can taste only in Wakha Restaurant. Know more about Iran Zamin Restaurant Dubai.

Another thing that makes Wakha Restaurant exceptional is that they are serving cooked meat from cuts that were chosen by the customers.We all have favorite part of the meat and on a normal dining especially for most of the restaurant, we cannot choose which partwill be served to us. In Wakha Restaurant, it is the other way around. All-day new and fresh, authentic kind of Shinwari and Afghan foodies are served. If you want to try a must have food experience, visit their different branches in Dubai in Al Barsha, Jumeirah and Al Nahda. You might be interested in Bosporus Turkish Restaurant Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Wakha Restaurant’s Branches in Dubai:-

The restaurant is located at 3 plances in Dubai Jumeirah, Al Barsha and Al Nahda.

Wakha Jumeirah, Al Barsha & Al Nahda Restaurant Timing:-

  1. Wakha Restaurant Al Barsha & Al Nahda Timing – Weekdays: 12 Noon to 12 AM – Weekends: 12 Noon to 1 AM
  2. Wakha Restaurant Jumeirah Timing – Weekdays: 12 Noon to 2 AM – Weekends: 12 Noon to 3 AM

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