Dubai: Experience Pakistan Mango Festival 2022

It is mango season once again andwho is not eager to taste one of the best mangoes in the world – Pakistan Mango! It is unquestionable how sweet and tasty it is. Consumers will be sure of looking mango label “Pakistan” in the groceries and supermarkets.

There will be a Mango Festival organized by Pakistan Business Council to be held in Dubai on 1st and 2nd of July. It is a festival that showcases wide variation of mango exhibit for traders and visitors from other countries and mango lovers out there. It will also present hundreds of varieties of mango which are exported globally. It will also show how mango is produced, sold and exported.The first day of the festival is allocated for government officials, business council members and invited participants while the 2nd day will be open for public where there is fun filled games, exciting prizes, competitions, mangoes in competitive prices, display of mangoes that Dubai never seen before, stalls and more. The event is expecting thousand of visitor on its second day and the entry will be for free.

Pakistan mango has huge demand all over the country and is one of the largest producers of mangoes by a million tons on an average. It has been seen a huge demand in Dubai. Exports has increased in the beginning of June month because of its fame.

The event does not only concern selling mangoes and trading opportunities but it will also introduce a charity cause wherein all earnings from every mango sold will be given to aid a non-profit healthcare facility Pakistan Medical Centre according to Pakistan Business Council’s president Dr. Faisal Ikram.They are also promoting mangoes because it is their country’s national fruit after all.Pakistan should be proud of producing world-class mangoes.

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