Dubai Airport: Busiest During School Break & Holiday of Eid Al Adha 2022

It is noticeable that ticket fares shoot up drastically during the end week of this month. This is because of summer/school breaks and holiday of Eid Al Adha. Everyone is looking forward to be back home during these holiday seasons as the limitations for Covid-19 has been relaxed. PCR test has been wiped out as the primary requirement for travel as long as one fully vaccinated etc.

Due to the surge of passengers, Dubai Airport has issued a warning on the busiest days at the airport once again. According to the advisory issued for the information of the passengers, Dubai International Airport is expecting to receive travelers of around 2.4 million between 24-June to 5-July in an average of around 200k passengers in single day. Many more of the passengers are expected in its peak as well by 8-9 July due to the said holiday.

As much as possible, travelers are advised to book their ticket ahead of time during these occasions timings to save money and time and although Covid-19 restrictions is loosened up, it is advisable that the passenger should know what are the travel requirementsin his/her destination and take some extra time going to the airport for smooth travel.

Dubai Airport is exceptional becauseits location is the best layover to every country. It is like a heart of every travel destination because of its accessibility to neighboring countries that is why it is the most preferred amongst the passengers and tourists.And nevertheless, they are always working strictly with airlines and other authorities to have your Dubai Airport experience safe and worthwhile.

Although the recent pandemic hits hard in the travel industry, Dubai Airports remains remarkable in their performance and the forecast states that its passenger will be double from its annual traffic this year.

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