Dubai: Imposed Charges On A Single Use Plastic

According to some studies, single use plastic is one of the most major culprit and source of trash and pollution in our environment. Truly enough because these cannot be decomposed over hundred of years and remain its negative impact in the environment until then. Different kind of single use plastic has overruled consumer’s behavior in their daily routine lives such as straws, plastic cups, fork and spoon, plastic used in groceries for goods bought taking home.

We can see different kind of plastic has washed away or thrown into the land and seawhich causes the death some of the animals based on the study conducted by Abu Dhabi Environment Agency. Plastics intake by sea turtles for example, causes their death as they’ve mistakenly ate plastic as a jelly fish which is their primary food. There are lots of videos from the environmentalist for such cases. Some of land animals such camels were also found dead because mistakenly eating plastic that cause obstruction in their digestive tract.

Plastics only not harm animals but the environment as a whole because of its negative impact. In return, will affect humans too like the Global Warming that we are experiencing today. As a precautions, the government of Dubai imposed charges on single use plastics. Major supermarkets will start imposing the fee of 25 fils for each use from 1st of July this year. Online orders will not be delivered in plastic as well. Else, additional charges will be obligatory.

The government’s initiative on imposing charges on the single use plastic does not mean additional expense for the consumer but it is much of teaching everyone to take care of our environment and be responsible. Alternatively, everyone can use eco-friendly bags while shopping.

We only have one planet which is our home. We should take care of it for our future generations.

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