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The fuel price increase is always correlated to inflation. Once fuel price increases, other services and commodities will surely increase. The spike in fuel prices in the UAE is seen and felt during the past few months of this year wherein it has almost doubled and surpassed the price from the previous years. This is painful, especially for those who are not well-off Emirati families and so, the UAE government in line with the Ministry of Community Development will begin to receive applications for inflation allowance starting 5th of July through their website –

The government of the UAE has initiated a program wherein citizens that will fall on each criterion, who are not that privileged and those who have low income will receive a support/allowance for food, water, electricity and fuel. This will take effect by September 2022 but discounts will take effect immediately for fuels and shopping.

This initiative manifests how the government is taking care of its citizens. However, there are certain criteria for a citizen to be qualified in the said program and a different amount of the subsidized amount is given to the head of the family, wife and children, a jobseeker and others.

The subsidy is calculated according to the number of members of the family and their eligibility for the allowances.

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