Faubourg has recently established a new location in Mykonos

Bringing with it French cuisine and its renowned fashionable ambiance.

La Cantine du Faubourg is opening its next location in the upscale island of Mykonos via Dubai.

The Parisian restaurant gained significant recognition in the Middle East before beginning its global expansion.

Similar to its location in Dubai, the brand’s Mykonos location will provide a French-inspired food in a posh an opulent atmosphere. Twenty cooks, led by chef Gilles Bosquet, will prepare dishes that have made the restaurant famous, such as their yellowfin tuna ceviche with sesame avocado. together with a plethora of innovative dishes that honor Greece. The new menu’s standout dishes include a lobster salad with melon and tagliolini with caviar andlemon.

The brand is well-liked by diners who care about elegance, and in Dubai, it has come to represent luxury. It’s evident that they want to weave that into their trip to Mykonos as well.

Diners at their newest Greek location will notice that the restaurant’s decor were inspired by the Cycladic region of Greece, while being entirely outdoors. There is a clear Greek vibe despite maintaining La Cantine’s character in the new building. Picture olive trees with lantern-adorned branches and stone walls.

With 250 seats spread across 1,300 square meters, we anticipate that this restaurant will follow Dubai’s fashion-forward lead and grow to be one of the island’s most well-liked dining spots.

So it appears that a trip to Mykonos is still planned for this summer.

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