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Mystery, tranquility, peace, reflection, harmony… are some of the words or sensations that come to us when entering a Turkish restaurant. And it is that, not only is gastronomy, its food, its drinks, its desserts fundamental. The characteristic smells of coriander, turmeric or pepper must be well accompanied and this is achieved with a careful decoration. It is undeniable that everything tastes better in the right atmosphere.If you want to know the secrets of this decoration loaded with symbolism, strength and positive energy, here we offer you some ideas.There is a place, obviously, where we can find everything we want about this style, that is the grand bazaar in Istanbul. Although Turkish decoration is so popular and is so widespread that we can find pieces or textiles in any specialized establishment or even online.

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Like its cuisine, Turkey’s decorative elements are influenced by different regions and cultures, thanks to its geographical location. For this reason, a decoration of many superimposed elements predominates, which invite you to pay attention to discover objects that escape at first sight. The most important rule is that there are no rules, it is pure inspiration, flow, imagine, be original. Of course, empty spaces or Nordic airs are not styled here.

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The star object to create this atmosphere is, without a doubt, the rug. Its mixture of colors, with red as the predominant, will give it that exotic touch. The best known are the so-called kilims, which are characterized by their traditional designs and bright colors, usually red, blue, yellow and brown. The key is to overlap them and place them in different directions. In addition, with them we manage to create the perfect acoustics to have a good conversation or simply listen to the relaxing music typical of these establishments.

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After the rugs, the cushions are the protagonists. The more, the better, and if they are of different sizes, shapes, and colors, perfect. They are not only used for seats and backrests, but also to sit on the floor. Poufs fall into this same category. Many of them with carved drawings on bright colors.

Vases, bowls, plates, fountains, containers… made of clay, ceramics and also metal, in striking tones, brilliant in some cases, and with varied prints, they are perfect for dressing our table. Of course, on hand-embroidered tablecloths with a thousand and one motifs.

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The walls are also dressed with tapestries or even rugs. And from the ceiling fabrics fall from one side to the other, of various colors and textures. With these elements it is possible to create that cozy effect of intimacy. The areas that are visible will be painted in earthy or neutral and warm colours. In fact, this is the basis of the decoration of a Turkish restaurant.

Other notable elements of this style are the mirrors, made in mosaic, and the lamps. Better if they are located low to create a
more private and warm environment. These are pieces made with ceramics, metal, glass and plaster. Most are made by hand, turning them into unique and exclusive objects.

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