Dubai Michelin Star: How eateries are rated by inspectors

The team eats out for lunch and dinner every day to identify the best eateries.

Eleven restaurants in the UAE received the prized stars in the first Michelin Guide Dubai. The acclaimed food guide is making its first appearance in the Middle East. Inspectors for the Michelin Guide were chosen at random to choose and rate the eateries.

The work of these inspectors is one of the key tenets of the Michelin star system. Men and women from 15 different countries make up the workforce of full-time employees. According to Gwendal Poullennec, international director of the Michelin Guide, “They are dedicated experts who share a love for superb food.”

They patronize each eatery as if they were regulars, and they always make full payments. They never return to the same eatery more than once. To make sure that all Michelin suggestions have the same weight around the world, every choice made at the Michelin guide is made by a team.

In a video shown at the inaugural star revelation ceremony in Dubai, three inspectors.

One of them described the nature of the work. He works from 8:30 am until 11 pm. He travels, eats 250 meals at 600 locations, and produces 11,000 reports each year. He takes care to ensure that no one identifies him as an inspector, though.

Another inspector described how being an inspector required her to be flexible and willing to try everything. Everything has flavor in her eyes, like a bouquet.

Speaking in French, a third inspector talked about her childhood experiences with her restaurant-owning grandpa. She became an inspector because of his zeal and the servers’ joy in bringing out good meals.

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