Eid specials at Media One Hotel are not to be missed

Associated content :The location is offering a ton of good deal, some of the best in the city.

Eid Al Adha’s long weekend is coming up soon, and we know you’re considering staying home.And we have the inside scoop that the Media One Hotel is the spot to stay if you’re trying to discover the best value in Dubai.

The contemporary location offers the best value because in addition to the hotel, dinner and drinks are also included for Dhs550. You read it right—possible it’s to book an incredible deal on an all-inclusive vacation. Not enough for one night? Use the long-stay offer at Media One Hotel in Media City to save 20% on meals and beverages and turn the hotel into your home away from home.

Including the Italian Ciao Bella and gastrobar Qwerty, the location offers a number of well-liked dining options. The menu options are likely to please. The hotel’s second Eid offer is guaranteed to captivate you if you wish to enjoy the holiday of Eid Al Adha to relax and refresh. Get free breakfast, 25% off all food and drinks, and 24-hour check-in and check-out. Why not fall in love?

Or feeling festive during the upcoming four days off? You should take advantage of the Brunch and Stay deal at the Media One Hotel. The huge brunch will be held at the adored garden of the Media One Hotel on 8 for the cool set who love to be noticed, and you can truly live it up by booking an overnight stay for Dhs450. Wow.

It’s time to reserve a room at the Media One Hotel for this Eid Al Adha because there are deals available to fit your needs. To make a reservation, go to Media One! Offerings & Events (

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