Dubai Police runs a safety campaign for electric scooters

Police advise that riders should wear reflective material on their jackets and helmets.

Hatta Police Station in Dubai recently ran a safety awareness campaign for e-scooter users inside the station’s boundaries.

The program was designed to familiarize e-scooter riders with traffic laws and regulations, ways to protect the lives of other road users, and strategies to decrease accidents, according to Colonel Abdullah Rashid Al Hafeet, Acting Director of Hatta Police Station.

He emphasized that there are several security and safety requirements for e-scooter users, including wearing a helmet, especially while riding close to a highway, donning a luminous jacket, and placing red and white light reflectors at the back of the scooters.

“The e-scooter must only be parked in authorized locations; it cannot be kept in areas that could cause traffic jams. Riders are required to exercise caution and refrain from endangering other drivers. Added Col. Al Hafeet

  • For driving in Abu Dhabi with improper tires, a Dh500 fine, 4 black points, and vehicle impoundment may be assessed.

Abu Dhabi begins a campaign to encourage delivery riders to drive safely RTA reports an 81 percent decrease in pedestrian fatalities on Dubai roadways since 2007.

The head of the traffic registration department, Captain Ghadaer Mohammed bin Suroor, emphasized the significance of keeping a safe space between other cars and pedestrians.

He emphasized that only one occurrence of an e-scooter rider being hurt within the boundaries of the police station had been reported by Hatta Police Station, and that was when the rider was struck by a car at night. He explained that because the e-scooter rider was dressed in all black and was traveling on a black e-scooter, the driver was unable to see him.

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