Top 3 theme parks around the world to visit this summer

Three nations, three theme parks, and a ton of fun are involved

We are searching for our next adventure as the world starts to open up. If you share this sentiment, why not visit one of these top 3 theme parks to indulge your inner thrill seeker?

With offerings in three different countries, there are also local cuisines, one-of-a-kind souvenirs, and uncharted locations to discover.

This summer, there is something for everyone, whether you’re an adrenaline fanatic eager to ride the biggest and fastest thrills or just want to keep the kids entertained on the teacup rides.

First, Alton Towers

Alton Towers, one of the most well-liked theme parks in the UK, with thrilling rides like the smiler, nemesis, the wicker man, and oblivion, while young children will adore CBeebies land. Want the enjoyment to last forever? You have the option of staying inside the resort, so it’s not necessary. Choose the stargazing pods at altontowers.com for a low-cost camping getaway with the ability to view the cosmos through a telescope.

Second, BetoCarrero World, Brazil

At BetoCarrero World, there is constantly a celebration in the works. The thrills are as innovative as they are enjoyable, and the area is home to the first inverted roller coaster in the nation (for the uninitiated, that means the train runs under the track). While the dumdum kiddie coaster and other attractions are enjoyed by adults on this heart-pounding ride, children may enjoy them as well. Take a little rest, then go kart racing or ride the water coaster for a cool dip in a tank of water. Taking pictures with their favorite Madagascar movie characters is fun for kids of all ages (yes, the comic King Julien included).


Third, DeEfteling, Netherlands

This year, De Efteling turns 70, and there will be numerous ceremonies to honor the milestone. The events in Efteling will make sure they stand out, from an Alice in Wonderland-themed birthday tea party to everyday festivities at precisely 4 o’clock. But the anniversary celebrations aren’t over yet because the biggest theme park in the Netherlands also has a fairy tale forest, river rapids ride, steam carousel, cursed villa, boat rides, a tiny world, and more.

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