View the largest supermoon of this year in Dubai today

This moon, known as the Buck Moon, is going to be a spectacle for night owls everywhere.

Attention, astronomers. The biggest supermoon of the year will be visible in the night sky tonight, Wednesday, July 13. This is the perfect time to get out your telescope.

Don’t worry if you want to witness the incredible sight but lack the necessary equipment; the supermoon, also known as the Buck Moon, will be completely visible to the unaided eye.

At 6:07 p.m., get ready to watch the city bathed in silver moonlight. It’s going to be enchanted.

Do you know what characteristics a supermoon has? A supermoon occurs when a full moon occurs at the same time as the Moon’s perigee, or closest point to Earth in its elliptical orbit.

Expect a breathtaking view as a supermoon appears larger and brighter than ordinary full moons.

Tonight, the Moon will be 357,418 kilometers from Earth, which is typically 384,472 kilometers away.

The third supermoon of the year will occur tonight, following the first and second ones on May 16 and June 14, respectively.

There will be one more supermoon in 2022 after tonight, on August 12.

A strawberry supermoon was observed in the UAE last month. The reflection of the sun’s light gave the planetoid a reddish tint. Have you made it your goal?

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